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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

April 30, 2019

How to encrypt files before uploading them to cloud storage services

In the Internet, there is never a name for protection because giants are always developing their technologies to protect the user and develop the best tools to get full protection in the Internet. Among the areas most affected by a large number of attacks is the cloud storage area that may be available On a set of software and sensitive files for users and companies, so many companies rely on encryption technology before uploading them in the cloud storage services, and this is exactly what I wanted to share with you today but free of charge and without any payment.
 First of all you should download the following applet which we will need in the explanation: 
After opening the applet on your computer create a new user account as in the image

Then select the files you want to encrypt before uploading them to cloud storage services
In the next step, select a password for the encoding you previously selected
Finally, you will be able to encrypt the files you want to upload in cloud storage successfully, and you can use a set of programs similar to this applet by uploading them through the following link: 
nCrypted Cloud
April 30, 2019

Bye Firefox browser, Mozilla decides to remove it and you can from today experience Fenix ​​new alternative

 Mozilla plans to remove its browser from Android to make way for the new Fenix ​​mobile browser.
Fenix ​​has been developing over the past few months, and developers are experimenting with a new interface for mobile devices expected to attract young users. This is why Firefox has not received many recent Android OS updates. 
According to a published document, they want to provide Firefox safe until Fenix ​​reaches the ideal point of migration to it, and always tries to reduce the cost of supporting Mozilla. They do not want to make any changes to the user until they are finally migrated to the new product based on Fenix.

At the moment, there is no specific date for the end of Firefox support for the Android system, but the document indicates that 2020 is the year of the end. They want to focus on the new Fenix, so it's essential for developers to stop wasting their time with Firefox, which is why only security updates will be expected in the coming months. As of September, Firefox will move to the ESR channel, where only errors will be corrected. 
At the moment, we know little about Fenix, but we know that it will place a URL bar at the bottom of the screen, and will contain dark mode and grouped tabs. 
For those who want to try the new Fenix, you can download apk from apkmirror .
April 30, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg invents a "sleeping box" for his wife to help her sleep better

The latest invention of Mark Zuckerberg is a homemade invention he built so his wife, Priscilla Chan, can sleep better. Facebook founder Instagram, one of the social networks he controls in his empire, has a kind of low-light bulbs.
 To be either difficult, begins his letter Zuckerberg. Shows that his wife wakes up at night to check the time on her phone to see if their children will wake up soon, and then can not sleep again, and since the box does not show time, his wife "Chan" can now fall asleep without worrying about sleep for a long time. Zuckerberg says that knowing time causes stress and can no longer sleep. 
 I'm working on building her what I call a "sleeping box," explains Zuckerberg. The idea is to put it near her, so it emits a light between 6 and 7 in the morning to alert his wife that their two young daughters are about to wake up, without having to check the time on her phone. 
So, if she woke up at night and the light was still off, she could still sleep peacefully, but without the pressure he had to look at the clock to see the time, the Facebook founder explained.
 The Sleep Fund has so far succeeded better than I expected, and now it can sleep all night. As an architect, building an artifact to help my partner sleep better is one of the best ways I can express my love and gratitude for it. Explains Zuckerberg.
April 30, 2019

A huge and huge offer on Google Play: great paid apps and games for over $ 600 free to download

Come back on Monday, and with her rehearsals. Google Play today opens new week doors in a great way with a range of applications and games for the Android system that can be accessed in the coming hours for free.
The choice of offers comes Monday with exciting apps and games, which in some cases have accumulated hundreds of thousands of downloads across the store. In order not to waste time thus not allowing the opportunity to get all these applications, games and customization tools we invite you to go to see the full list. 
Reminder - Pro  
App lock & gallery vault pro  
Uprice Light - fast offline currency converter  
Correlate - Diario de síntomas y de hábitos  
VR Video Player: Lightest VR player in the market 
Child Radio Tuner Pro 
Tiny Habit - daily habit tracker 
SkanApp Plus Escáner PDF Manos libres  
Grabadora De Voz Pro  , the 
Root Checker Pro  , the 
Night Light Pro , : Light of Blue Secs Filter, the Night mode 
Pinball Catch: Casual & Fun 
El rescate de la hechicera 
League of Stickman 2019- Ninja Arena PVP (Dreamsky)  
Think Tap Turn - Brain Game  
Field Defense VIP  
CELL 13 
Dark Tower  
The Hearts PRO  
Dead Bunker 2 HD  
Defender Heroes: Castle Defense - Epic TD Game 
Dead Bunker 3: On a Surface 
Tap Tap Fist VIP 
Kingdom Defense 2: Empire Warriors - Tower defense 
Mushroom VS Bacteria 
Stickman Shout: Ninja Warrior Action Offline Game 
Shadow of Death: Dark Knight - Stickman Fighting 
Little Stars 2.0 - Juego de estrategia espacial  
Tejes phone applications
Tetragon Icon Pack  
Yoga wallpapers 4K Pro -HD Yoga Backgrounds
Best wallpapers 4K ForAndroid Pro  
Pixel 3 wallpapers 4K ProBackgrounds  
Aolix - Icon Pack
Minimal ProHD 4K wallpapers Backgrounds
4K wallpapers -Full 4K +HD (Pro
April 30, 2019

Finally, Obsidian Secure Messenger, the secure messaging application based on blockchain technology, has arrived

Within the mobile messaging sector, we will find a wide range of applications and options available, among which we can choose the ones that fit our specifications best.
 And in mobile messaging services and applications, we will also find some of them that allow us to have completely secure and even anonymous connections in some cases, where we will not need to share data such as our phone numbers to register and connect to them. Created or generated by the application upon completion of the registration of a new account. 
As is the case recently, secure messaging services and applications rely on blockchain technology .Well, in this article I will present you someone, who is currently in beta in Google Play.

Obsidian Secure Messenger, which belongs to the Obsidian Platform , is based on the Stratis Blockchain platform and is available for Android devices. Once the app is installed, users will be able to import their current accounts into the platform and use them in the app or create new accounts. 
With blockchain technology, you'll get secure and spam-free connections in your app, the latter being open source, and you can refer to its source code through GitHub . 
Application Link: Obsidian Secure Messenger
April 30, 2019

News that Samsung will launch its own cloud service in the same style as Stadia and Apple Arcade

 Everyone seems to want to take a piece of cake from the popular video market and increasingly popular. Google announced a few weeks ago about Stadia , its own platform for the flow of games aimed at revolutionizing the world of video games. On the other hand, Apple did the same with Apple Arcade, a video game subscription service for iOS, Mac OS, and Apple TV.
Samsung seems to be the next person to join. As we can read in LetsGoDigital , the South Korean company can provide its own broadcast service in the coming months or weeks. This was confirmed by the registration of the PlayGalaxy Link trademark in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 
This is in line with what Samsung announced earlier this month about its partnership with Finnish company Hatch, a company based on Rovio. The two companies have invented a new gaming console in Korea, so users can enjoy three months Absolutely FREE as long as they got a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone.
At this time it is not known whether PlayGalaxy Link will be the same service or that on the contrary it is completely different. What's certain is that all the companies have seen video games as a profitable market, and we are sure that they will really be exploited, making it really difficult for consumers to choose the service that best suits their needs. So we just need to know what PlayGalaxy Link will offer, its price, and whether it will aggressively compete with services such as Google Stadia, Apple Arcade or PlayStation Now.
April 30, 2019

Translate any text or word into a computer without Internet

Sometimes an Internet connection on your computer may not be available , and be in need of translation service but you can not because most translation services are in need to Throughput Internet , are forced to search in dictionaries , word for word , but the suffering and wasting time and effort, But in this new post we will solve this problem by a great application dedicated to copying Windows 10 easily and smoothly.
 The application translator of Microsoft 's rich for definition the first competitor to Google translate, which launched this service specifically for Windows 10 , depending on the Microsoft TranslatoR Service
But you have to download the language packages so you can use them without the Internet later, the size of this package for Arabic does not exceed 100 MB. 
How to translate texts without Internet
Download the application from the link below the post and then after installing and running for the first time Click Next button to skip the Welcome screen. Well, when you go to the main screen, press the menu button (...) at the top right then choose 
Language Packs.
 Now you will see a wide range of packages , which you will download according to your needs by clicking Upload 
After you download the packages as in the picture, the translation works correctly 
You can now use the application freely and without Internet on your computer and you can use voice and written translation. 
Application Link Translator
April 30, 2019

Pirates steal $ 1,500 from McDonald's fast-food application

 Hackers used security holes in McDonald's to steal $ 2,000 from junk food.
 This information was provided by MobileSyrup 's news editor , Patrick O'Rourke, who said the fraud was done by taking advantage of a security vulnerability in the fast-food chain. 
According to the source, the fraud took place after the publisher tried to buy a saccharine and two milk from the application of My McD's.

If you download the MacDonalds mobile application application from your iPhone, submit your MasterCard debit card data to the application and try to apply, O'Rourke said. 
However, when attempting to perform the purchase, the application issued a failed transaction message even though the cashier for the fast-food site confirmed that the order had appeared in the system.

Over the course of the following two weeks, many purchases of more than 100 meals from Big Mac, McFlurries, Chicken McNuggets and poutine were made for a total of $ 1509 ($ 2034). These operations are carried out for up to 2 minutes The other. 
At the time the company was notified of this failure in the system, McDonald said it was taking "measures to keep personal information safe for its users" and 
that they did not store credit card information because "My McD application only contains an" token "with the payment provider to allow To perform the transaction, "and that this failure may be caused by a password that is not very secure

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